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Ambassador Program

Do you want to become an Influencer? Want to get paid every week forever? 

Then this is your chance to become a Brand Ambassador For THE NEON HYPE! 

What are my benefits? 

Get paid each week:

Let us break it down. You get a code and if anyone uses that Code to make a purchase in our store, Theneonhype, they will get a 20% discount on their entire order. You, the influencer will get paid a 10% commission of all after discount sales made using your code, forever.

(Example: Follower buys $79.99 LED strip lights. They pay $63.99 and you get $6.40 commission

Will I only get a 10% commission rate forever? 

No, because we have levels. All influencers start out in the Wolf Influencer level and will only progress to the next level if they meet a certain number of total sales.
Each Level comes with an increase to the base commission rate of 10%.
For example the next level "Tiger" has a commission rate of 12%. Also, each time you go up a level, you will be given a cash reward.
Influencer Level
Total sales
Commision rate
$20,000- $49,999


(If you can guess what medium inspired us to use this system, your chances of being accepted will improve. ) 



Who Can become a Neon Hype Ambassador? 

Everyone can! It does not matter how many followers you have or how many hearts you get on TikTok. We are all influencers of the people close to us and most of the time you'll have more influence than celebrities. (With in your circle ofc). You have an influence, why not get paid for it? 


How to become an Ambassador?

Email or Dm us @theneonhype on instagram your answers for the questions below: 

Q1: Why do you want to become an Ambassador? 

Q2: What follower discount code would you like? Eg: JaneDoe20

Q3: Are you happy being paid via paypal?

Q4: Social media handle? Eg: @theneonhype

Q5: Paypal email address?  (We pay through paypal)